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Dear friends,
Welcome to visit the website of TangShan SanKuan Tools Co.,Ltd, we appreciate your long time attention and support.
 Since our establishment in October, 2001, with the support of people of all circles and the joint efforts of all our staff, after more than ten years pioneering and development, we have become outstanding enterprise in this field.
Talents and rules are essential to make a company stronger. With the enhance of comprehensive power, we continually enlarge the investment to human resource, taking actions to recruit more capable people from outside and strengthen talents training and cultivation from inside. And now, we have a business management team pursuing of excellence, which masters skills, good at operations and management. Meanwhile, we set and perfected a series of managing rules and regulations, which make the responsibility of each sector clear, cooperate well, and provide powerful support to fulfill each business target.
Good culture can improve cohesion of a corporation. The value of a brand can promote action. So in the process of development, we highly focus on culture shaping and brand building, improving cohesion from details and using this as a vital principle for us to operate business. Now we have formed a united, honest, practical and innovate operation principle which deeply live in the heart of each staff.
In the future, our company will continue to hold the united, honest, practical and innovative operation principle. By further strengthening rules and management, constructing elite team, cultivating advanced culture and creating excellent brand, we’ll guarantee our company develop constantly, healthily and fast. Also, while continue development and grow, we will still take it as our responsibility to provide all-encompassing excellent service to outside people, and create good growth platform to inside staff, continuously creating wealth for society and promoting our company to develop. Make your life happier by using our products.
TangShan SanKuan Tools Co.,Ltd expect to cooperate with all walks of life to compose a new and magnificent chapter together.
Sincerely yours

General Manager: Liu Yuquan




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